7 main benefits of physical therapy after Covid-19 disease

  At the present time, we are in the middle of a global epidemic, although we do not know the effects of the disease well afterwards, it is clear that one of the most important factors in the patient's return to a normal life is "physical therapy and rehabilitation", depending on the symptoms we see in patients.

  Physiotherapist Altan Yalm of the Physiotherapy Center for Physiotherapy of the Physiotherapy Center stated that physical therapy and rehabilitation are always effective in the period of recovery from chronic diseases:

  “If we briefly mention the symptoms of Covid-19, most patients suffer from respiratory problems due to lung injury and as a result of their long-term commitment to respiratory support. There are severe joint and muscle pains that appear in most cases. Neck, back and chest pain is noted after long bouts of coughing.  Pain from inactivity, especially in the knees and buttocks, when muscle tone decreases. Besides these symptoms, many symptoms such as fitness problems, loss of muscle strength, shoulder problems that develop after intensive care and loss of balance and coordination can occur.  It is among the most effective treatment methods in the post-COVID-19 recovery period and other chronic diseases.

  Altan Yalam explained the role and effects of physical therapy and rehabilitation in the healing process of chronic patients:

  1- Exercise and stretching methods that improve the lung capacity of patients, restore the comfortable breathing that the patient lost.

  2- Models of physical therapy for chronic pain accelerate pain reduction.

  3- Stretching exercises and local breathing for the back and chest area will regulate breathing and relieve tension in this area.

  4- Exercises and models of hip and knee treatments increase muscle strength, reduce loads on joints, and reduce pain.

  5- Exercise programs and activities prepared by expert physiotherapists will solve the problem of de-conditioning and usually give patients a long-term exercise.

  6- Shoulder pain, which appears frequently in intensive care patients, is relieved by physical therapy.

  7- Loss of balance and the condition resulting from prolonged bed rest is treated through balance exercises and exercise programs for the whole body.

Hibya Haber Ajansı