China counts the days for the third aircraft carrier

A third Chinese aircraft carrier is under construction at the Jiangnan Shipyards in Shanghai.  

 The floating platform equipped with the latest technology, which is scheduled to be launched in the coming months, has reached the final stages of the construction process, according to information published by Chinese state media.
  It has been nearly two years since Xinhua News Agency announced that China was its third aircraft carrier under construction.  But recent media reports show that things are going smoothly, with only a few days left for the aircraft carrier to land on the water.
  A weekend report by Ordnance Industry Science Technology, a defense magazine based in Xi'an, predicted that the ship could take off in late 2020, but experts said the launch could also take place in early 2021.
  The new aircraft carrier, which is expected to be over 300 meters in length and 40 meters in width, is expected to be larger than the previous two aircraft carriers Liaoning and Shandong.  In addition, the new aircraft carrier will be the first aircraft carrier equipped with modern technological equipment.
  International observers say that this progress will make China one of the great maritime powers in the medium term.  In fact, the developments in Beijing have aroused the interest of the world's major capitals for this reason.
  Moreover, for China, the participation of this aircraft carrier in the Navy is a sign that the country has modern armed forces around the world.  Some observers state that China aims to have a fleet of six aircraft carriers in the long term.
  China Radio International
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