In the markets today

We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with light buyers this morning (Info Invest)

• The total number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 273,301 people in 1,596, and the death toll rose to 6,446, or 45 people. Number of patients who recovered 246,876.
• Minister of Health, Koca: We are witnessing the second peak of the first wave of the Corona virus, we have brought our dynamism and neglect during holidays and weddings to this point.
• Spouse: The situation across the country is under control. There is no dangerous increase in the area of ​​Istanbul, Thrace and the Aegean Sea. Unfortunately, there is an increase in Central Anatolia and Southeast.
Koca: The Scientific Committee has a suggestion that football matches should be played without fans until the first half of the season.
• Navtex issued two new decisions in Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean. Navtex decision covers "Russia's shooting training" in two different locations between September 8-22 and September 17-25.
• Vice President Fuad Oktay said: "The United States' lifting of the arms embargo imposed on the Supply Commodities Authority is poisoning regional peace and stability."
• The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention has called on health care professionals in all states to prepare to distribute a potential vaccine to the group at risk of contracting the Coronavirus by the end of October.
• Senior Chinese diplomats working in the United States will need approval from the US Department of State for visits to university campuses and cultural activities to be organized with more than 50 people outside embassy buildings.
What will happen?
• While the domestic inflation data will be released, the PMI data will be released in Germany, the Eurozone, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
• Fitch, September 22, will hold a webinar on the macroeconomics of Turkey.
• We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with a simple buyer this morning.

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