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what happened?

 what happened?
  • The total number of cases in Turkey with Coronavirus increased by 279,806 by 1,578 people, and the number increased to 6,673, an increase of 53 people who lost their lives.  Number of patients who recovered 251,105.
  President Erdoan: (Eastern Mediterranean) They will understand us either at the table or in the field through bitter experiences.
  • It was reported that developments in Libya, bilateral relations and regional issues were discussed at Erdogan's reception of Libyan Prime Minister Syrac.
  • Erdogan held a telephone conversation with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.  In his meeting with Michel, Erdogan stressed that the provocative words and steps of European politicians on regional issues will not serve the solution.
  • Foreign Minister Cavusoglu responded to the claim of Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz that “Erdogan is using the Turks in Europe for his own purposes” with statements that “the main threat to the European Union and its values ​​is the distorted ideology that Kurz represents.”
  • BRSA reduced the maturities of consumer loans from 60 months to 36 months.
  • US Secretary of State Pompeo: My confidence level in the World Health Organization regarding the Russian Coronavirus vaccine is almost reaching zero.
  Federal Reserve Chairman Powell: The unemployment rate is better than expected, but the recovery may take longer.
  • Powell revealed that the Fed plans to stay on the gas pedal for many more years in monetary policy: "The higher interest rates will remain low for a long time."
  • In the phone call made by US President Donald Trump with King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, it was mentioned that he called on Saudi Arabia to negotiate with other Gulf countries to solve the problem between them.
  • Volkswagen Business Council Chairman Bernd Austerloh stated that Volkswagen is in a position to outpace Tesla in production and software, that they can reach electric vehicle targets before 2023.
  • China's exports continued to recover in August, while imports declined.
  • The South Korean government will request an additional budget from Parliament for the fourth time this year to combat the Coronavirus.
  • Cases of the COVID-19 decision in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have been quarantined for a period of 7 days, and all passengers due to the increase have been transferred from Turkey.
  • SSI will start paying for treatment services in private hospitals for patients who test positive for PCR.
  What will happen?
  • While the Treasury’s cash balance will be announced at home, markets in the US will be closed for a holiday.
  • It was announced that the "training of martyr captain Cengiz Topel on the Mediterranean storm" in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on September 6 and 10 by members of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Republic Security Forces Command of Northern Cyprus.
  • We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with a simple buyer this morning.
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