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what happened?

The total number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 281,509 people in 1,703, and the number increased to 6,730, an increase of 57 people who lost their lives. The number of cured patients 252,152.
President Erdogan: Although we witnessed a contraction in the second quarter of the year, it is a fact that we are better than many countries in the world. All data indicates that we will see a strong recovery in the third quarter.
Erdogan: Those who are trying to achieve the status quo in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea lately, I hope they will not pay a high price when the time comes.
Erdogan: We will increase our joy with a new good news in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
Erdogan: We will conduct face-to-face and distance education together. We open our schools for education, from pre-school students to first-graders of primary school, according to families' preference.
US President Trump: (Vaccine studies) There may be a big surprise soon.
Trump reintroduced the idea of ​​separating the US and Chinese economies. Trump indicated that if the US and China stopped doing business, the US would not lose money.
And according to a Bloomberg News report, football clubs are discussing extending the debt maturity with banks.
- In a statement, British Transport Secretary Grant Shaps imposed a 14-day quarantine requirement on passengers from 7 Greek islands as part of combating the outbreak of the Coronavirus.
- Chinese President Xi: China will continue to support parties fighting against COVID-19. No one will be able to stop the Chinese from moving forward towards a better life.
The Japanese economy contracted by 28.1% in the second quarter.
What will happen?
While there is not much data flowing at home, the external trade balance in Germany and the second quarter GDP in the Eurozone will be released.
- The first TV interview of Trump and Biden will take place on September 29.
We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to make a positive start this morning.

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