The first rate hike from the CBRT after 2018

With an unexpected move, the Central Bank increased the 1-week repo rate, which we know as the policy rate, by 200 basis points from 8.25% to 10.25%. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Expectations and scenarios before the CBRT's critical interest rate decision

We expect the Central Bank to keep the 1-week repo rate, known as the policy rate, at 8.25% without changing it, and to continue the indirect monetary policy tightening by controlling liquidity. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

China, which has “limited“the number of domestic cases, has established the National Center for COVID-19

  Gao Fu, head of the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control, announced the establishment of the National Center for COVID-19 to better combat the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). ... Devamı

The second wave in global sales

  Global stock markets are falling below 50 day averages with a new wave of sales.  Entering the US election in an environment of rising second wave increases the uncertainty. ... Devamı

Weekly Market Calendar September 21-25, 2020

  The agricultural input price index, consumer confidence index, capacity utilization rate, service sector confidence index, real sector confidence index, interest rate decision TCMB and number of foreign visitors for the week extending from September 21 to 25, 2020. ... Devamı

CBRT Survey of Expectations: The year-end inflation expectation at 11.46%

In the CBRT's September Expectations Survey, market participants' current year-end inflation expectation was 11.46%. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Foreign capital appears optimistic in the Chinese market

  In news published yesterday in The Wall Street Journal, it was noted that China's economic recovery in August had accelerated, and retail sales increased compared to the same period last year. ... Devamı

China counts the days for the third aircraft carrier

A third Chinese aircraft carrier is under construction at the Jiangnan Shipyards in Shanghai.   ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

 Snowflake, which held its initial public offering today, was one of the most-followed stocks of the day in the US equity markets. ... Devamı

Fed would have to keep interest rates at zero for more than 3 years

The Fed did not touch interest rates as expected, signaling that it will continue easy monetary policy for a long time, helping the American economy to recover from the coronavirus crisis. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Chinese President Xi has invited European Union leaders to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

 As false news about the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China increased recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on European leaders to see the facts in their place. ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

 JPMorgan fell 3.11% and Traveler COS fell 2.02%.  Salesforce shares rose 2.04%, Dow 1.96% and Home Depot 1.76%. ... Devamı

7 main benefits of physical therapy after Covid-19 disease

  At the present time, we are in the middle of a global epidemic, although we do not know the effects of the disease well afterwards, it is clear that one of the most important factors in the patient's return to a normal life is "physical therapy and rehabilitation", depending on the symptoms we see in patients. ... Devamı

First Fed meeting after Powell milestone

The Fed will announce the decisions of the September FOMC meeting tomorrow, which started today. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Germany's largest export market was China

  In a statement issued by the German Federal Statistical Office, it was reported that the total value of Germany's exports to China in April and June approached 23 billion euros, and Germany's exports to the United States reached 20 billion euros in the same period. ... Devamı

Recommendations for strengthening the immune system

  Recently, everyone is looking for ways to strengthen the immune system. ... Devamı

Phase 2/3 of the COVID-19 antibody treatment studies have begun

  With regard to antibody therapy, which began studies to prevent hospitalization due to the emerging corona virus, with the statement of the two companies, phase 2/3 of the clinical trials was announced in which the safety and effectiveness of the treatment was evaluated. ... Devamı

On the markets today

• The total number of coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 291,162 by 1,526 people, and the number increased by 7,056, by 57 people who lost their lives. ... Devamı

Industrial production reflects the recovery in July

According to calendar adjusted data, Turkey’s industrial production in July increased by 4.4% compared to the same month of the previous year; Seasonal and calendar adjusted industrial production, on the other hand, increased by 8.4% compared to the previous month. ... Devamı

Moody’s downgrades Turkey’s credit rating and remains negative outlook

International credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service, downgrades Turkey's credit rating, as a result of the erosion of the country's external financial fragility, pointing institutional challenges. Turkey's credit rating lowered to B2 from B1 and the rating outlook left "negative", based on the fact that fiscal austerity measures deteriorate faster than expected. ... Devamı

PwC: China, the world's largest e-sports industry

China was the largest market for esports in the world last year, according to a report titled "Global Entertainment and Media Industry Outlook 2020-2024" published by PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporation (PwC). ... Devamı

16 million 5G compatible phones were sold in 8 months in China

  In the first eight months of the year in China, 93 million 679,000 mobile phones supported by 5G technology were announced in the domestic market, and this number constitutes 46.3 percent of all mobile phones.   ... Devamı

Wang Yi: China has not interfered in the internal affairs of the United States

  Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi noted that China has never interfered in the internal affairs of the United States. ... Devamı

Gradual increase in US inflation

In the USA, headline CPI increased by 0.4% on a monthly basis and increased by 1.3% on an annual basis in August. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

After the trade fair in China, the international investment fair also opened its doors

The International Investment Expo 2020 kicked off yesterday in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.  The parties attending the exhibition agreed to mutually beneficial cooperation. ... Devamı

Employment to be affected by economic activity and government incentives

In June, the unemployment rate in Turkey was realized as 13.4% compared to the same month last year’s 13%, with an increase of 0.4 points.(Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

Euro Stoxx 50 is up 1.8%, the German DAX Index is up 2% and the French CAC40 is up 1.4%. ... Devamı

The car sales record for the past two years in China was broken in August

Private car sales in China increased by 8.8 percent in August compared to the same period last year. ... Devamı

Market analysis

what happened? ... Devamı

The volume of cross-border e-commerce in China is growing 56 percent annually

Qu Weixi, vice president of the Research Institute for International Trade and Economic Cooperation under the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, said that the average annual growth rate of cross-border e-commerce volume in China in the past three years was 56 percent. ... Devamı

"The recombinant vaccine developed by China is effective in the mutated Covid-19"

Chen Wei, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Military Medical Research Institute, stated that a recombinant vaccine developed by China was also effective in the mutated novel coronavirus. ... Devamı

China is building two nuclear plants worth 10 billion dollars

China accepted a total investment of 70 billion yuan ($ 10.2 billion) to build a nuclear power plant. ... Devamı

Analytical overview of the markets

What happened yesterday ... ... Devamı

In the markets today

what happened? ... Devamı

In the markets today

what happened? ... Devamı

International flights to Wuhan months later

Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, will start its first international flights in mid-September with the approval of the Civil Aviation Administration.   ... Devamı

200 students attended the first full-time school in China in Dubai on the first day

The first full-time public, public and Chinese school opened outside of China in Dubai. ... Devamı

Analytical overview of the markets

  The BIST100 index, which started yesterday in a horizontal fashion, fell to the 1.074 level during the session, and closed the session at 1.076, down 0.70%. ... Devamı

International markets

  On the US side, the data on Non-Farm Employment, Unemployment and Average Hourly Earnings will be followed. ... Devamı

On the markets today

 We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with light sales this morning (Info Invest)   ... Devamı

Employment fundamentals to be weaker, data not to be benchmark for Fed policy…

Following the report, which pointed to 1.6 million employment increase in the US in July, an increase of 1.4 million people is expected in the August non-farm payrolls report, which will be announced tomorrow. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

In the markets today

We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with light buyers this morning (Info Invest) ... Devamı

Market analysis

The BIST100 closed the day at 1,083 points, down 0.12%. ... Devamı

Exchange rate and monetary policy effects to be monitored in inflation

Consumer prices in showed an increase of 0.86% in August, while annual inflation was realized as 11.8%. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Raised its first investment with a valuation of 5.6M TL

Fideyo, which enables you to buy personalized content by reaching the celebrity that you admire, raised its first investment with a valuation of 5.6M TL from TechOne and twozero Ventures. ... Devamı

GE Renewable Energy Brings Two More Wind Farms to Life in Turkey

GE Renewable Energy announces today that it has completed the installation and commissioning of the 53 MW Kirazli and 32 MW Meryem wind farms in Turkey. ... Devamı

Exchange rate pass-through effects increase the inflationist risks...

We expect a monthly increase of 1% inflation, and realization of the annual inflation level of 11.9%, in August for Turkey.(Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

In the markets today

The total number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 271,705 people in 1,572, and the number increased 6,417 times by 47 people who lost their lives. ... Devamı

A sudden rise in bank shares

Global stock markets continue to rally, led by US technology stocks. ... Devamı

Analytical overview of the markets

What happened yesterday ... Devamı

Turkey’s foreign trade deficit at 6.31 billion USD in August due to gold imports

Germany is the country to which we export the most in August, followed by the UK, USA and Iraq. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

PMI: The momentum of recovery slows down in August

According to the data announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) and IHS Markit; Manufacturing PMI declined from 56.9 to 54.3 in August. ... Devamı

China has produced an industrial 5G chip with high flow and safety

The Chinese 5G industry has taken a very important step forward by making a new industrial-grade 5G chip for the 5G terminal. ... Devamı

The trend of recovery in the Chinese economy has become stronger

  According to data released yesterday by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, the Industrial Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) fell 0.1 point to 51 in August compared to the previous month. ... Devamı

Foreign trade balance has a deficit of 2.70 billion USD in July

Germany is the country to which we export the most in July, followed by the UK, USA and Iraq.(Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Turkey's economy contracts by 9.9% during the period 2Ç20

Turkey's economy noted a 9.9% contraction in 2Q20 period compared to the previous year, when the adverse effects of Covid-19 outbreak were felt. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Nasdaq's rival Star aims to lead with new reforms

 Last month, China celebrated the first anniversary of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Science and Technology Innovation Board.   ... Devamı

US & European stock markets

On the last trading day of the week, FED President Powell announced yesterday that Jackson Hole would switch to an average inflation targeting policy and the USA declined.  S&P 500 ٪ 0،67 ، Nasdaq ٪ 0،60 and Dow Jones ٪ 0،57. ... Devamı

Economic confidence continues to increase in August

Turkey’s economic confidence index rose to 85.9, continuing with the increase in real sector, retail trade and services sector, in August. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Turkey’s real GDP to point to sharp contraction in 2Q20 with the effect of Covid-19

Turkey's 2Q20 GDP growth data will be released on Monday.(Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Powell puts the new inflation approach strategy forward

Fed Chairman Powell gave the detail what the market was looking for in his Jackson Hole speech and announced a change in policy approach with "targeting average inflation". ... Devamı

Possible messages from Powell's Jackson Hole speech

At the Jackson Hole meetings that begin tomorrow, eyes will be on Fed Chairman Powell's speech. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

Airbus will build a satellite for Arabsat

Airbus has been contracted by Arabsat, one of the world’s top satellite operators, to build BADR-8, their new generation telecommunications satellite. ... Devamı

Recovery in real sector confidence index continues

It is seen that the effects of recovery from the bottom compared to the previous month continue in the real sector confidence index and capacity utilization rate data for August announced by the Central Bank. While RSCI increased by 5.5 points in August to 106.2; seasonally adjusted RSCI rose to 105.2 with 5.8 points. ... Devamı

Liquidity management goes towards LLW, gradually

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) gave 1 billion TRY to the market within the late liquidity window (LLW) repo. The Central Bank had left the one-week repo rate at 8.25% at its August policy meeting on Thursday and did not change the interest corridor. ... Devamı

An overview of the potential conversion impact of Turkey's natural gas discovery

President Mr. Erdogan “good news” announcement which pointed to a “new era” started the talks of conversion effect in the energy area. ... Devamı

Flood disaster in Giresun

  Heavy downpours in Giresun caused flooding. ... Devamı

Space traveled to explore Mars 8.23 ​​million kilometers

The Tiamwen-1 satellite has cut the Mars probe more than eight million kilometers since it left Earth.   ... Devamı

PMI indicators point out that recovery in Europe is losing momentum

In the Euro Zone, where we have been monitoring the effects of a deep recovery in economic activity for a few months, the sectoral PMI data for August seem to have come below expectations except for Germany manufacturing. ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

  After yesterday's Fed announcements and negative closings on US indices, sales dominated overseas markets today.   ... Devamı

In today's markets

The total number of infections in Turkey with the Coronavirus increased to 254,520, by 1,412 people, and the death toll increased to 6,058, by 19 people.  Number of patients who recovered 234,797. ... Devamı

Neutralizing 8 terrorists

  8 terrorists neutralized in northern Iraq. ... Devamı

Analytical overview of the markets

The BIST100 index, which started the day in a horizontal shape, maintained its softest trajectory during the session, closing at 1.092, an increase of 0.58%. ... Devamı

China will hold the 2020 space conference in September

  The 2020 China Space Conference will be held in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian, one of the country's eastern provinces, from September 18 to 21, according to the organizers' statement. ... Devamı

Economic developments

• The total number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 253,108 people in 1,303, and the number increased to 6.39, an increase of 23 people who lost their lives.   ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

  US indices, which began Wednesday, August 19 at a premium, closed the day in negative territory, especially with sales after the Fed meeting minutes. ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

On Tuesday, August 18th, the US markets began the day with a positive opening. ... Devamı

CBRT liquidity management and MPC expectations

Within the framework of tightening steps taken within the scope of liquidity management, the borrowing limits of banks in the Interbank Money Market operating under the CBRT were reduced to half for overnight transactions, effective from August 19. ... Devamı

The budget posts a deficit of 29.7 billion TRY in July

According to the July budget data announced by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance; The budget balance, which had a deficit of 19.4 billion TRY in June 2020, had a deficit of 29.7 billion TRY in July 2020. ... Devamı

The yuan has been included in foreign exchange reserves in more than 70 countries

The People's Bank of China, which serves as the central bank in China, released its 2020 Renminbi Internationalization Report yesterday. ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

 US indices had a hard time finding direction on the last trading day of the week.  Deal volumes remain between 10% and 20% below the last month's average.   ... Devamı

Frankfurt invitation to TikTok: Set up your global headquarters here

With the aim of the United States, TikTok is considering establishing the first European data center and moving its global headquarters to Europe to strengthen its presence in the European market. ... Devamı

Weekly Economic Developments 14.08.2020

 In the week we left behind, we began implementing a circuit breaker system that would pause transactions if the BIST100 fell 5% or more as the first threshold and 7% or more as the second threshold, depending on the previous day's close. ... Devamı

The effects of pandemic conditions visible in the current account balance

In June, the current account balance in Turkey, gave USD 2.9 billion deficit. The current account deficit figure announced on a monthly basis seems to be realized in line with the market expectations. On an annualized basis, we have increased our current account deficit position with 11.09 billion USD on the current account side. ... Devamı

The sustainability of the recovery in I/P in the following months is important

According to the calendar adjusted data, Turkey’s industrial production in June increased by 0.1% compared to the same month of the previous year; Seasonal and calendar adjusted industrial production increased by 17.6% compared to the previous month. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı


  Turkish Airlines traffic numbers for July 2020 have been announced. ... Devamı

Today's markets / economic developments what happened?

 • The total number of infections in Turkey with the Coronavirus increased to 244,492 by 1,212 people, and the number of people who lost their lives in the year 5,891 increased to an increase of 18 people.  Number of patients who recovered 227,089. ... Devamı

Erdogan met with Merkel

 President Recep Tayyip Erdoan had a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ... Devamı

A high-speed train line will be built in all cities with a population of more than 500,000

 China National Railways Group has publicly shared its goals for 2035 and 2050 in the country's railway construction program. ... Devamı

US and European stock markets

Indices are close to record highs which were observed on Wednesday, August 12th, with positive sentiment in the US markets. ... Devamı

US inflation increases above expectations in July

In the US, headline CPI increased by 0.6% on a monthly basis, and increased by 1% on an annual basis in July. ... Devamı

CBRT cuts low-interest OMO liquidity

According to the CBRT statement; Within the scope of liquidity management, the liquidity facility limits granted to market maker banks within the framework of Open Market Operations, effective from 12 August 2020, have been reset. ... Devamı

BRSA asset ratio revision

With the regulation in the asset ratio, we see that the asset ratio, which should be 1 for deposit banks, has been reduced to 0.95. (Tera Yatırım) ... Devamı

The unemployment rate remains relatively low due to the incentives

In May, the unemployment rate in Turkey was realized as 12.8% compared to the same month last year’s 12.9%. ... Devamı

The policy path of the central bank and the issue of raising interest rates ...

As a result of the increased exchange rate volatility and the absence of the August 2018 edition, all eyes are on the central bank, as is the case in any volatility environment. ... Devamı

Increase in infections poses a risk for employment recovery

Following the report pointing to 4.8 million employment increase in the USA in June, an increase of 1.6 million people is expected in the July non-farm payrolls report to be announced tomorrow. ... Devamı

Human brain is not more efficient than other mammals' brains

Brain scans of more than 100 mammalian species, including humans, reveal that the efficiency of information transfer in the brain is the same in all mammals, regardless of size. ... Devamı

American and European stock markets

On the first trading day of August, US indices were led by technology stocks. Nasdaq companies. ... Devamı

We expect a horizontal opening in the BİST100 index.

Increased coronavirus incidents in the United States of America continue to create unease in global markets ... Devamı

China is sending the Covid-19 expert team of 60 people to Hong Kong

It was reported that seven members of the expert group formed by the main part of China to support Hong Kong's battle against the Covid-19 outbreak arrived in the city in the afternoon. ... Devamı

Airbus to end WTO dispute

About the CBRT RR regulation

May payrolls report surprises

Inflation risks seem balanced

About BRSA asset ratio revision

About the BRSA swap move

Fed's new stimulus steps

Azeri Light crude exceeds $60

PSA, FCA sign $50B merger