International markets

  On the US side, the data on Non-Farm Employment, Unemployment and Average Hourly Earnings will be followed.

  On Thursday 3 September 2020, weak closings were observed in the main European indices, while an overall sales weighted session was observed in the US indices.  Despite the good economic data, today's long-awaited exit marks the long-awaited profit realization, while technology stocks were the leaders in today's sales as well as the exit pioneers.  One of the positive aspects of sales on the technology side is closing the income gap with the technology sector and other sectors, and if the correction continues, then 20 is 11.346.  And 56.10.833 his faces support the most important.  The Dow Jones led the S&P 500 to hard sales despite weak gains.  The Dow Jones is the only underperforming index with a loss of -0.8% since the start of the year.
  Particularly given the weight of FAANG stocks, sales of these stocks were a determining factor.

  On the US side, the ISM Service Index came in at 56.9, close to expectations, and was at 58.1 in the previous month.  Weekly jobless claims reached 881,000, while it was expected to reach 950,000.  Running applications decreased to 13.254 million people.  The trade balance increased with a deficit of -63 billion dollars in July.  The Markit PMI had packed 55 above 54.7 and the composite index was 54.6 above the previous month.  ISM Service 57 56.9, realized, close to expectations.  On the Chinese side, the services PMI data decreased from 54.1 to 54.  The employment index increased from 49.4 to 50.8.  The price index also reached its highest level since November 2019.

  When we look at the benchmarks that illustrate the state of stock prices on all US stock exchanges, the number of shares reached the lowest and highest levels in 52 weeks;  The number of new shares, which fell to its lowest level in 52 weeks, was 166 shares.  On March 16, this number reached a historic peak of 6,840 in the impact of the Coronavirus.  Likewise, it was noted that the number of new shares reaching their highest level in 52 weeks was 1,045.  On January 17th, that number was the highest in the last 2.5 years with 1,633 shares, but it decreased to 37 shares due to the impact of the Coronavirus.

  The S&P 500 saw tough sales led by the technology sector.  While technology saw sales exceeding 5.7%, the Energy and Infrastructure sector was the sector that lost the least value with a loss of -0.67% and -1.26%.  Transaction volumes in the S&P 500 were 46% above the 10-day average.  After the horizontal movement in the indicators, the volatility index of the VIX reached 33.60 an increase of 26.5%.  When we look at FAANG stocks;  Facebook finished the day -3.8%, Apple -8%, Amazon -4.6%, Netflix -4.9%, and Google -5.1%.

  On the European side, indices were mainly traded for sales.  Trading volumes were nearly 40% higher than the last 10 days average.  While the DAX closed in the negative territory with a strong loss, consumer services were the sectors that declined by -7.9%, and the sector that gained the most was the consumer goods sector, which decreased by 0.55%.  While the value of 9 shares in the index increased and 21 shares lost their value.

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