Market analysis

The BIST100 closed the day at 1,083 points, down 0.12%.

The BIST100 closed the day at 1,083 points, down 0.12%. The daily range of movement for the index was achieved between 1.082-1.091. The index, which started the day higher, rose to 1,091 points, then tried to stay above the 1.084 support throughout the day. If strength gains continue and closes above the 1.080-1.084 area, which we have followed in the short and medium term, then the 1.100 resistance will continue to hit the target. It is necessary to cross 1.090 to move the downtrend for the last 2 weeks and for 5 days AO in the indicator. In short, we believe that strong moves outside the 1.080-1.090 area will be critical to the technical direction. 1.025-1.050 support points in potential sales. The short term and MACD indicators in the index increased the short position. The index closed the day at 1.46 cents in the dollar. Moves outside the range of 1.45-1.50 cents on a dollar basis could be a determining factor in the technical direction. Positive economic data and fresh financial stimulus in the US enabled stock markets to close at yesterday's high. This morning, global markets are mixed. Asian markets are mostly with buyers, while US futures are with sellers. We are following AO 200 days 1.84 in the short and medium term technical direction of the index. The Turkish Statistical Institute will announce inflation data for August at 10:00 today. Weekly US jobless claims data will be followed by global markets. We expect the BIST100 to start today on a positive note and target 1.090-1.100 resistance intraday.

VIOP30 short-term contract

VIOP30 near-term contract closed today at settlement price 1.226. The contract moved in order during the day, 1.221-1.241. The impact of short-term buying, which started at 1,199 pips a decade earlier, continued into effect until 1,241 yesterday. In order to break the downtrend of the last 2 weeks and the 5-day AO to the upside in the contract, the resistance at. The next important resistance can be traced as


The Dollar Index (DXY), which has shifted its short-term trend higher with positive economic data and fresh stimulus packages in the US, started moving above 92.50 yesterday. 92.50 and 93.80 (500 weeks AO) constitute important resistance in DXY purchasing response. As long as there is no permanent movement on these levels, we consider the rallies a correction. The strength of the dollar according to the currencies of developing countries caused the dollar / lira exchange rate to rise. It was achieved in the range of 7,4587-7,3933 during the day. 7.40, which acts as a resistance in the last five weeks of trading on the currency, maintains its importance. Technically, we believe that the permanent movements except for 7.30-7.40 will be a determining factor in the direction of the trend. Domestic inflation data for August will be released at 10:00 today. The market is expecting the CPI to increase 1% per month and annual inflation to rise to 11.89% in August. On the data calendar, composite and service PMI data from Europe and the US, non-farm productivity, foreign trade, and weekly jobless claims data from the US will follow.

Hibya Haber Ajansı