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 The total number of coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 283,270 people in the year 1,761, and the death toll rose to 52, a rate of 6,782.  Number of patients recovering 253,245.
  Treasury and Finance Minister Albayrak: If there is no second wave of the epidemic, there may be a growth of more than 5% in 2021.
  Albayrak: All the main indications are that the worst is lagging behind Turkey.
  Albayrak: We expect the "V" to recover in the second half.
  Fitch recorded the "World Economic Outlook" on the Turkish economic growth forecast for 2020 - from 3.90% - 3.2% revised.
  Final clinical tests for the Coronavirus vaccine, jointly developed by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, have been suspended after one person reacted negatively to the vaccine.
  The German diagnostic test manufacturer, Qiagen, has reported that it is preparing to release a coronavirus antigen test, which gives results within 15 minutes and can test 30 samples per hour.
  Republican leaders in the US Senate are preparing to present a $ 300 billion aid package for the Coronavirus to Congress.  Democrats have already rejected the bill as insufficient to meet the conditions created by the pandemic.
  Foreign Affairs: (Libyan Dialogue Meeting) We appreciate Morocco's constructive stance towards resolving the crisis in Libya.
  IMF President Georgieva: We are seeing some signs of recovery in the global economy.
  Mass gatherings of 6 people have been banned due to the increase in coronavirus cases in England.
  China's CPI rose 2.40% in August.
  What will happen?

  There is not much data flow in the domestic and foreign markets.
  Eurozone finance ministers will hold a meeting on Friday.
  French President Macron will bring together the Mediterranean countries, members of the European Union, on the island of Corsica at the MED 7 Summit on September 10.
  We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start horizontal this morning.
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