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 We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with light sales this morning (Info Invest)  

what happened?

  • The total number of Coronavirus cases in Turkey increased by 274,943 people in 1,642, and the number increased to 6,511, an increase of 49 people who lost their lives.  Number of patients who recovered 248,027.
  • The Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, announced that he had agreed to hold technical talks to establish a mechanism to prevent the outbreak of conflicts in Turkey and Greece in the eastern Mediterranean.
  • A video meeting was held between President Erdogan and German Chancellor Merkel on the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.  According to the statement made by the Presidential Directorate of Communications, during the meeting, regional issues and bilateral relations were discussed, especially the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  US President Trump: The Covid-19 vaccine may be distributed before the end of October.
  The White House: "We are not putting pressure on the Food and Drug Administration about vaccination."
  • Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the US decision to partially lift the arms embargo imposed on the Greek Cypriot administration will only exclude Greece and the Greek Cypriot side from the solution.  What will happen?  "The tension will increase again," he said.
  What will happen?
  • While there is not much data flowing domestically, the US non-farm employment data will be released.
  • Fitch, September 22, will hold a webinar on the macroeconomics of Turkey.
  • We expect the Istanbul Stock Exchange to start with light sales this morning.
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