Recommendations for strengthening the immune system

  Recently, everyone is looking for ways to strengthen the immune system.

  Recently, everyone is looking for ways to strengthen the immune system.  It is mentioned that boiling and consuming the peel of plants such as lemon, orange, and bergamot may be useful, and the internal medicine and kidney disease specialist Prof.  Doctor.  Gülçin Kantarcı emphasized that people who are in private groups such as those with chronic diseases and pregnant women should consult their doctors without consuming these products.

  Yeditepe University Hospitals, Internal Medicine and Nephrologist Prof.  Doctor.  Gülçin Kantarcı said that the immune system should be kept strong all the time, not just during the period of illness, and he provided information on foods that will help strengthen the body's resistance.

  Consume vitamin C and foods containing zinc

  Emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition to maintain the strength of the immune system, Prof.  Doctor.  Gülçin Kantarcı said: “It is correct to eat more foods that contain vitamin C and zinc. It has been scientifically proven that the immune-boosting effects of ginger and turmeric are rich in vitamin C. We see that ginger and turmeric are consumed by mixing with honey among people. It is important to increase green tea consumption.”  It is an antioxidant and a good immune regulator. "

  Kantarchi emphasized that the peels of plants such as lemon, orange, and bergamot should be boiled and consumed. “There are very strong polyphenols in the peels of plants. These polyphenols negatively affect the activities of viruses and prevent the virus from entering the cell.  We added some honey to the drink. We will make it by boiling these peels for a few minutes. You will have a mixture that strengthens the donation system. "

  The food most commonly used to strengthen the immune system is honey.

  Al Qantrashi pointed out that the use of natural honey is also important in terms of immunity, saying: “Honey is one of the foods most used to strengthen immunity. It is important to use natural honey in this process. The foods that we consume such as carrots, garlic, lemon and watercress are foods that strengthen immunity and have high effects.  Very high in antioxidants, some of these foods have effects that prevent entry of the virus, and some have direct effects on the virus.

  Pregnant women should be careful when using ginger.

  Kantarcı internal medicine specialist at Yeditepe University Hospital stated that it is essential to use each food in adequate quantities, “It is important how many times and doses the foods consumed will be used. Ginger, for example, should be consumed to fill a teaspoon. It is also important to take ginger with honey.  Or lemon. But most of all is to follow a balanced and healthy diet. There is no fact that “let me drink two tablespoons of turmeric a day, let me not get sick.” These foods should be eaten at regular intervals. Because foods and herbs can have negative effects  As well as positive effects such as medicines. For example, when ginger is used in high doses in pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage. For this reason, we should not forget that herbal products are supportive and complementary, and you should consult your doctor before using them.

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