Space traveled to explore Mars 8.23 ​​million kilometers

The Tiamwen-1 satellite has cut the Mars probe more than eight million kilometers since it left Earth.  

The China National Space Agency's Lunar and Space Discovery Center said in a statement today that the spacecraft is performing its function.  At 23:30 on Wednesday, the spacecraft was on the Mars Road at an altitude of 8.23 ​​million kilometers from Earth.  At the same time, the device the satellite is carrying has completed its automatic control and reported that it is in normal condition.
   China will put the research satellite into orbit on this planet on July 23, then launch it on Mars and conduct research in a shuttle program.  So he sent her to take the first step toward discovering planets in the solar system.
   The research satellite will reach Mars, called the "Red Planet", around February 2021.  After the satellite enters orbit, it will search for a site that will land on the surface for two or three months, and then land on the partition surface.

China Radio International
Hibya Haber Ajansı