The second wave in global sales

  Global stock markets are falling below 50 day averages with a new wave of sales.  Entering the US election in an environment of rising second wave increases the uncertainty.

  The additional deadlock in the financial package and the battle between the US and China that has developed into a thucydides trap suppresses growth and market expectations.

  Despite the heavy losses in August, the wave of asset selling continued in Turkey.  While the value of the Turkish lira and long-term bonds fell ahead of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting on Thursday, industrial stocks are stronger than banks.

  Futures for the United States and the course of the Asian markets indicate the opening of a seller on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.  Index changes are evident on the first day of the week when there isn't a large data flow.  Due to the merger of Soda and Trakya Cam işecam, Gübre Fabrikaları and Oyak Cement are out of the BIST-30 index.
  The increase in the number of coronavirus cases and the loss of life announced by the Ministry of Health has resulted in increased social distancing measures.  The Cabinet meets on this subject.  We anticipate measures to protect fragile and isolated areas on a regional basis.

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