US and European stock markets

Euro Stoxx 50 is up 1.8%, the German DAX Index is up 2% and the French CAC40 is up 1.4%.


  After three days of selling pressure, with tech stocks rebound in US and European indices and higher oil prices, a day happened with buyers ahead of tomorrow's ECB meeting.  In the US indices, the Dow Jones, Standard & Poor's 500, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 1.6%, 2% and 2.7% respectively on the day.  The Nasdaq was observed to find support at the 50-day average level at 10.900.  While all sectors in the S&P ended the day in surplus, the focus of the increase was on technology companies of 3.3%.  Despite the positive trend in oil prices today, the energy companies in the index have the lowest premium of 0.6% compared to other sectors.  In the Dow Jones, Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce, Home Depot and Caterpillar were the highest-earning stocks, with 3-4% premiums.  We see that Tesla found support from the 50-day average of $ 330 after yesterday's tough sell-off.  The stock closed the day at a premium of $ 38, up 11%.  In the US, weekly jobless claims, weekly natural gas and oil stock data and PPI data will be followed tomorrow.

  European indices also rebounded with recovery expectations and the European Central Bank noticed the technology companies after selling for three days.  Euro Stoxx 50 is up 1.8%, the German DAX Index is up 2% and the French CAC40 is up 1.4%.  In the DAX, information and communication technologies and primary consumption were the sectors that gained the most value.  There has been an excellent shutdown in all other sectors as well.  In the FTSE 100 index, primary consumption, energy and information technology were the sectors that raised the index.  News of the British company AstraZeneca, which is working on the Coronavirus vaccine, has emerged to stop vaccine trials.  However, the company's shares managed to recover after the sharp decline at the opening session.

  Asian indices diverged negatively from the world, with Shanghai closing 0.63% and Shenzhen closing at 2.34%.  The producer and consumer price indices announced today in China were achieved in line with market expectations on an annualized basis.  While the producer price index decreased by 2%, an increase of 2.4% was announced in the consumer price index.

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