US and European stock markets

 Snowflake, which held its initial public offering today, was one of the most-followed stocks of the day in the US equity markets.

 Snowflake, which held its initial public offering today, was one of the most-followed stocks of the day in the US equity markets.  Although the initial public offering price was $ 75-85, the secondary markets started trading at $ 245.  The fact that Buffet would buy shares in the secondary market also supported the perceived premium in price being so high.  It traded in the $ 270 range, and the stock saw an all-time high of $ 319 and closed at 253.93.  The impact of the tech company working on the cloud has not been the same on the Nasdaq side.  After the Nasdaq Federal Open Market Meeting, which started today at 11,222, the index realized the closing level at 11.050 after it said that interest rates will remain the same and will witness developments according to the virus situation.

  Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Nvidia lost 2.47%, 1.79%, 3.27%, and 3.67%, respectively, to close.  Combined with the reduced volume of high volatility Qurrah retail during the day, the 163% increase caught attention.  On the S&P side, as oil inventories reported today are lower than expected, a 4.05% premium for the energy sector was not sufficient for a positive close.  7 out of 10 sectors witnessed sales.  The technology sector was the sector that pushed the index down by 1.91%, and the index closed the day with a negative 0.46%.  On the one hand, with the CEO of General Electric announcing that he expects positive cash flows for the second half of the year, GE shares, which rose by 10%, are another pioneer in the index's ascent.  In the Dow Jones, we can say that it started with a volume above the average of 3.44% and closed positively, with the energy sector leading by 2.89%.  Boeing, which contributed to the index in premiums closing at 2.43%, began rising with the U.S. Aviation Administration report.  On the other hand, the promotion of Apple yesterday, which did not introduce a new product in the group of mobile phone products that accounted for the majority of its profits, and stated that it had begun to adopt the membership-based model in the profit model, the largest negative move for the index with a loss of 3.41% in terms of volume.  And the price.  .

  In Europe, the DAX and Euro Stoxx 50 closed the day at 0.29% and 0.220% premiums respectively, while the FTSE 100 closed the day 0.44% lower.  While industrial stocks are the biggest contributor to the 1.64% rally in the DAX, Deliver Hero (DHER GY) is the index's highest declining 1.61% share, despite news of the takeover of LatAm's arm from rival Glovo.  Which was announced recently.  Taking.  Deutsche Bank ended the day at a 2% premium while Bayer lost 0.63 in value.  At the FTSE100 booth, nearly all sectors, except the real estate sector, closed today in negative territory.  Llyod Banking and Vodofone were up 1.63% and 0.18%, respectively, while BP finished the day down by 1.20%.  The fact that the CPI data released during the day is slightly above expectations does not seem to be affecting the markets.  On the other hand, news that the new Rolls-Roys could be funded through debt or equity could weigh on the index the next day.  Finally, Euro Stoxx 50, on the other hand, managed to remain above the 50-day average as volume increased despite negative territory during the day.

  According to data released today in the US, retail sales rose 0.6 percent per month in August, below market expectations.  On the other hand, fundamental data increased by 0.7, but remained below expectations.  With the beginning of economic normalization, market expectations about the data, which had maintained an upward trend since May but slowed in the rate of increase, were that retail sales increased by 1 percent.  (Data for the previous month was revised from 1.2% to 0.9%.) Due to the disease relapse in some cities and the new opening of some cities, the data is still unhealthy and will force the Fed to wait.  The fact that crude oil inventories reported at -4.389M are significantly lower than expectations could be associated with the rise in energy sectors in indices.  In Europe, the UK reported CPI data of 0.1%, slightly above expectations.

  Among the economic data to be released tomorrow, the Bank of Japan monetary policy, European region consumer price index, UK interest rate decisions, US building permits, unemployment pension applications and the Philly Fed Manufacturing Index.

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